Question & Answer

Posted on 9 October 2011, 22:34 in

Responses to some of the questions and comments I’ve received lately.

My workflow

Posted on 23 March 2010, 19:06 in

I get asked about my workflow – _such as it is! – from time to time, so I thought it was time to write something about it.

The 40D and birds in flight

Posted on 23 September 2007, 22:01 in

There have already been some rumblings about the 40D not being suitable for Bird In Flight (BIF) shots. This might be why.

Bird photography tips

Posted on 25 August 2007, 13:49 in

This might seem rather presumptuous – a Johnny-Come-Lately like me giving tips on as difficult a discipline as bird photography – but really the following are just a few common sense suggestions, some of which relate to more than just bird photography.

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