Bird video with the 7D

Posted on 24 December 2009, 17:47

I’m having a Canon 7D, and I can’t wait – as soon as Christmas is over I’ll be picking one up, probably from RGB Photo.

One of the things I haven’t been interested in is the camera’s (apparently excellent) video capabilities: I’ve been of the “a camera is a camera…“ turn of mind, and – so far – I’ve had zero inclination to explore the possibilities of video from a birding point of view.

You can guess where this is heading, can’t you..?

A hugely talented Phillipino bird ‘tog (and thoroughly nice guy), Romy Ocon (“Liquidstone” on the forums) has started to make a real impression with his 5D Mk II and 7D videos, and – I have to admit – the idea is starting to get under my skin.

I still love the potential of the 7D from a stills point of view, but the idea that it opens the door to work like this is fascinating: we can all be Simon Kings if we want!

Yeah, if only it was that simple!

This is Romy’s most recent 7D video offering. Admittedly, “glorified spuggies” might not be show-stopping subject matter, but this gives a real feel for what’s possible:

(Apparently background noise from human activity buggered up the ambient soundtrack, hence the “chill-out” music..!)

Romy’s video took 1200mm of reach, so my humble 100-400mm won’t do this (don’t think you can crop into a video!) but I can think of lots of situations where birds get close enough for the 100-400mm to work: Salthouse Snow Buntings, Winter waders, waterfowl…

There’s also the small stumbling block of having no video editing software, and the fact that video editing is so computer resource intensive that in its current incarnation my current desktop box will probably burst into flames if I try to edit video on it, but – I can’t deny – the idea of being a wildlife videographer is developing a certain appeal!

What do you think?

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