Content-aware image resizing

Posted on 20 January 2008, 17:34

Now this is pretty cool.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to alter the size of an image which kept all the relevant content, but still allowed the image to fit within a predefined space (limited by a website layout, for example)?

Well maybe we will be able to do that before long, thanks to a software technique called image carving.

In this, clever algorithms recognise information in the image that has a low relevance to the overall look of the image, which it will then remove as equired, allowing the image to be resized without the need to crop or to reduce the original size of the subject.

It’s easier to watch than to explain, so have a look at this:

This is a freeware implementation of the technique, incidentally – website here and there’s an upcoming commercial version here.

Very clever.

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