Canon 40D

Posted on 19 August 2007, 18:16

Canon 40D
Canon 40D

It’s official – the 40D is here.

Among the highlights are:

Digic III
Live View with autofocus
Brighter viewfinder
Auto ISO
14 bit A/D conversion
6.5 fps
Bigger buffer
Highlight Tone Priority
Interchangeable focusing mattes for improved manual focus
Improved AF sensor array, with cross-type sensors and 30% speed improvement
Integrated cleaning system
AF On button

Some of these (things like improved-visibility 3” LCD, sensor cleaner, 10mp) are welcome additions if they work and don’t actually hurt anything, but nothing I’d pine for if they weren’t there.

Having said that, if this 10mp sensor is noticeably improved over the one in the 400D (which is apparently about the same, noise performance wise, as the 8mp sensor in the 30D) Canon might really be onto something.

It has, according to Canon, “larger microlenses over each pixel to reduce noise and expand sensitivity” which, along with the “High-ISO Noise Reduction functions first introduced earlier this year with the EOS-1D Mark III” imply that noise performance will indeed be enhanced to a worthwhile degree.

It’s quite uncanny just how close this specification is to what I would have designed.

It’s starting to look like a mini MkIII!

Hopefully it’ll be enough to finally put a stop to the interminable bitching of the whingers on DPReview and elsewhere that have already decided – in their infinite “wisdom” – that the 40D will just be another supposedly worthless “warming over” of the previous camera.

Added 20/8/07: Bugger! I’m actually starting to get a bit of a hankering for this thing – it really does have all the stuff the whingers had it on good authority would be left out.

At about £800 it’s not beyond the realm of possibility either…

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