British Bird keyword libraries for Lightroom

Posted on 9 November 2008, 14:57

A cyber-buddy of mine, Mark Wilson, has very kindly created a set of Adobe Lightroom keywords/tags covering all British birds currently recognised by the BOU – all 10,000 of ‘em.

Keywords are a very useful addition to the metadata of an image, which – among other things – allow Lightroom and other Digital Asset Management applications to catalogue, manage and locate images.

So if you’re a Lightroom user and appreciate its DAM capabilities, this is for you.

That’s not all though: the keyword list can also be used with Adobe Bridge and – kinda – with Breezebrowser Pro.

I’d also like to add that Mark’s site is well worth spending time on – he’s a superb photographer, an engaging writer, and is very generous with his knowledge.

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