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Posted on 27 September 2009, 11:25

I’ve got a few bits and bobs lying about that I really need to find a new home for.

Canon 30D.
Immaculate condition, very low shutter actuations – (less than 2000), a back-up body that I’ve used only a handful of times since I got my 40D in September 2007. Boxed, supplied with software, leads, charger, battery plus OEM spare. £300 ONO.

Sigma 80-400mm EX OS (Nikon fit).
Excellent condition. Sharpness and IQ pretty much on a par with my Canon 100-400mm. This lens is still available, at about £800. Yours, boxed, including Sigma padded case. £475 ONO.

My review of the lens is here.

Zeiss Diascope T* FL 65mm angled body, 15-45x zoom eyepiece, Skua case.
As new condition, silver body. I bought this as the definitive lightweight sea-watching set-up, and it is. The 15-45x eyepiece is famed for its class-leading wide FOV at 15x (which makes finding birds on the horizon far easier), and the view through this combo is honestly stunning. I’m only selling because I don’t sea-watch any more. Comes with a hard-to-find green Skua stay-on case.

Price new for this kit is c. £1270. Yours in time for sea-watching season, boxed, for £800 ONO.

I will pay insured postage for all of these.

Let me know here or by email if you’re interested.

What do you think?

  1. Mark Mowbray wrote on 1 November, 09:28 PM:

    I’ll take your 30D mate!

  2. Keith Reeder wrote on 2 November, 11:24 AM:

    I emailed you ages ago about it Mark – agreed the price in the email you sent me about it too.

    I should add that I’m selling both 30Ds – I wasn’t going to deprive you of the use of the one you’re using now..!

  3. Mark Mowbray wrote on 2 November, 09:04 PM:

    never got ya mail mate but as you know i’ve had tons of issues with my systems due to advanced virus remover somehow getting onto my laptop :( hence missing out on our trip out last weekend – very unhappy I was too!

    Let me know when I can call over to collect the 30D the cash is waiting here for you or better still how about a trip out this weekend?

  4. Keith Reeder wrote on 7 November, 09:13 AM:

    No worries, Mark – as I say it’s a done deal.

  5. Geoff Simpson wrote on 17 June, 09:44 PM:

    Hello Keith

    I have been meaning to let you know for sometime that I like lots of your images throughout your website.

    Best Regards


    PS. I’m still trying to photograph House Martin’s and I’m not winning

  6. Keith Reeder wrote on 21 June, 12:51 PM:

    That’s uncommonly kind of you (and entirely undeserved!) Geoff – I appreciate it immensely. I’m sure you’ll crack the House Martins sooner rather than later.

    For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Geoff is one of my very favourite photographers: his bird photography is second to none, but he’s versatile and extremely creative and imaginative in his approach and choice of subject matter, as well as being an original and challenging thinker about the environment.

    Something of an inspiration, to be honest, and a nice guy to boot - Geoff has always been very generous with his knowledge and has certainly helped me over a hurdle or two.

  7. Mark Mowbray wrote on 30 June, 08:45 PM:

    Have to agree with you there Keith – Geoff is an inspiration to just about everyone who visits his website. I have to admit I drop in quite often for ideas.

    Great to see suh a proven expert willing to give such great praise to a ‘normal’ guy like you mate, one day perhaps i’ll manage to get a nice comment off a top pro too :-)

    Seriously though Keith your images are superb and the 7D certainly seems to have improved your work.

  8. Keith Reeder wrote on 26 July, 11:56 AM:

    Aye, one of the things I’ve always appreciated about Geoff (and about my other “hero”, Nigel Blake) is their willingness to share knowledge – I’ve gained considerably from my acquaintance with these gentlemen.

    Obviously that’s not to say that all and sundry should start bombarding them with emails, but in the right circumstances, and at the right time, Geoff has volunteered insights into how to maximise results that it would have taken an age for me to figure out for myself, and I’m unstinting in my gratitude to him and Nigel.

    As to the 7D – still getting a handle on it really, even after this time: but I am enjoying it, which is the main thing, and with a decent workflow in place I can’t fault it in terms of usability and the IQ it is capable of.

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