Lightroom for Bird Photographers

Posted on 26 December 2009, 18:20

Adobe Lightroom (“Lr”) is the software of choice for a lot of photographers, and as I’ve posted before, bird photographers can get considerable extra benefit from its image keyword tagging and organisation capabilities by using the Nature Data LR plugin developed by my pal (and one of my favourite bird ‘togs) Mark Wilson.

Well, in order to help users expand their knowledge of Lr – and to improve their images – Mark has begun a new enterprise – Lightroom for Bird Photographers training and workshops.

Mark is a seriously knowledgeable Lr user, and his photography speaks for itself, so this opportunity should be a no-brainer for anyone who uses (or wants to use) Lr and wants to get the absolute maximum benefit from it.

His training will focus on the things that you need to know in order to maximise results and minimise the time and effort needed to get there:

Importing, cataloguing and backing up photos
Finding the best photos and discarding the rest
Adding important metadata such as copyright information and keywords
Developing RAW files into ‘master’ photo files
Preparing photos for printing and display on the web.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who really wants to raise their own personal Lr bar – Mark’s a clever, articulate, affable guy and I have no doubt that he’ll deliver the goods here.

What do you think?

  1. Mark Wilson wrote on 16 January, 04:49 PM:

    Hi Keith

    Thanks for the very kind words! The materials are coming together and still working out some logistics and presentation stuff.

    Hope you had a good festive period and all is well with you ‘up North’.

    I have only just seen your comment over on my blog due to my own moderation stupidity. Shame you can’t make Norfolk but hopefully I’ll see you sometime this year!


  2. Keith Reeder wrote on 16 January, 05:26 PM:

    I’ll be honest Mark – I thought I’d huffed you!

    I’m sure that the Lr workshops will fly, mate – I’ve been talking to people in passing about the idea and there does seem to be a real interest.

    I plan on a “proper” holiday this year – Norfolk last January was the only time I got away throughout all of 2009 – so you never can tell, we might yet run into each other: I always trip over Nigel Blake when I’m in Norfolk (invariably at Titchwell) so anything’s possible.

    Mind you, that’s assuming that Norfolk wins the battle again – I’ve got a hankering for the Isle Of Arran this time…

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