My Rotation360 is here

Posted on 14 August 2007, 17:22

I picked up my Rotation360 backpack (by Thinktank Photo) tonight.

Very brief first impressions are hugely positive.

I was right to believe that my 30D with 100-400mm attached would not fit, but that’s not a complaint, it’s simply an observation – camera bag manufacturers have to draw the line somewhere. And I’ve already rationalised that problem away – after all, it’s not like I need instant access to a ready-to-use rig!

The camera plus grip, lens and Kenko 1.4x teleconverter fit separately into the top section with room to spare, and let’s face it, I can spare the twenty seconds or so it takes to fix the individual components together.

I’ll still be suggesting to Thinktank that they increase the size of the top section though. It’s actually a very compact bag, and even a couple of inches on the height of the top section wouldn’t compromise its looks – and I doubt it would have much effect on the price either (which is around £185 incidentally! Cheap and nasty this bag ain’t..!)

Hang on! Within a few minutes of writing the above paragraph, I’ve found out that Thinktank have beaten me to it.

One of the great things about good camera bags is their ability to take additional packs, pouches and whatnot, and the Rotation360 is no different.

What is different is the fact that Thinktank have come up with the Digital Holster

Assuming that their Digital Holster 50 will attach to the Rotation360, I’ll be having one of these…

Back to the bag: the build quality of the R360 is astonishingly high – Thinktank have clearly made some very good choices indeed about where their bags are manufactured, and the materials and fittings are as good as anything I’ve ever seen.

It looks great too, and not immediately like a camera bag (this is a good thing in my opinion).

And finally (for now) – this might well be the most complicated bag on the planet! A bag where you really need to RTFM!

I’ll take the thing out for a test drive this weekend, and I’m off down to North Norfolk for a week at the end of the month, so it will get a thorough going-over then.

Watch this space…

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