All change - yet again...

Posted on 12 July 2007, 19:09

Or “why you should probably stick with what you know…

Various niggles and irritations have resulted in me giving up on the otherwise excellent Website Baker as the basis of my slow-to-emerge bird photography website.

I’ve decided to go back to my long term favourite, Textpattern.

I’ve used it for a few years as the foundation of my blog KazeMisu and the latest version is amazingly versatile and flexible: more so than I will ever make use of, I’m sure.

The real beauty of “TxP” is the availability of custom plugins and “tags” (little snippets of functionality and logic processing) that between them allow the user to create pretty much any kind of site, with any kind of look, feel and function.

Tags are particularly cool. I never really got into them with my blog, but on this site I’m using conditional tags so that, for example, different sections of the site will handle hyperlinks in different ways; or to provide different layout opportunities depending on the content of the page etc.

Image tags allow me to post a whole gallery’s worth of images into an article simply by uploading a set of images, generating a tag to point at that image set, and then posting the tag into the article.

How easy is that?

I’m again using Slimbox for gallery functionality, thereby removing the problem of having to design the site to look good with large images on small monitors, and of course, TxP uses Textile rather than a WYSIWYG editor for input: I like Textile!

Early days, blah, blah blah… but so far, so good.

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