Spider Holster

Posted on 27 June 2009, 11:28

This won’t be of any interest to tripod users, but as a handheld photography fan I like this a lot.

Even though my 40D/100-400mm combo isn’t heavy, over the course of a long day the weight can certainly become noticeable, and if I carry it about by the grip for any length of time I get a sore forearm.

I’ve recently improvised an R-Strap style solution (mine differs from the R-Strap in that it attaches to the camera by a small split-ring through the right hand strap mount) and it works really well, but the idea of a strapless solution appeals.

Introducing the Spider Holster.

This video is completely self-explanatory.

I think this is a smart, simple and effective way to get weight off the shoulders and neck, and – assuming that prices aren’t ridiculous – I can see this being in my kit collection sooner rather than later: even a camera on each hip would seem to be eminently doable without any real problem.

The website is Spiderholster.com and it suggests that the device will be available “this Summer”, so hopefully it won’t be long.

What do you think?

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