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Posted on 24 January 2010, 23:40

I’ve had the 7D for a wee while now, but I’ve had almost no opportunities to get out and test it – I realise anew every couple of years that this is a bad time to get a new camera!

Nevertheless, I’ve pointed the thing at a few birds, and – while I’m still getting used to the camera’s exposure tendencies and how to process the files (Bibble 5 isn’t really doing it with 7D files to my satisfaction so I’m back to Capture One: even though Bibble 5 is sharper, it’s noisier too) – I’ve had a few images I’m not too disappointed with, although I wouldn’t call any of ‘em “wow!” shots.

Some early observations.
I’ve had a few OOF shots I didn’t initially expect. But then I noticed that they were all when the AF point was on the bodies of Coots in poor light, so I’m putting them down to a lack of detail and contrast in the subject, rather than a problem with the camera.

The metering is different to the 40D’s. I’ll have to get used to its vagaries, but it seems pretty accurate and generally seems to do a good job.

Colours are very like those from the 40D, which I’m very pleased about, because I like the 40D’s colours.

Noise is interesting. As I suggest above, the choice of converter matters (it always does of course, but this seems particularly true of the 7D), and getting the exposure right is important too – again, no surprise there. The noise is random, small-grained, unobtrusive (if I’d ever shot film I’d probably say “it’s film-like” round about now!) and easy to deal with: I’ve taken ISO 6400 shots that are very usable, even before I apply NR.

It’s a given that there’s a lot of detail in the files.

Anyway, some bits and bobs: most of these are 800 ISO and Bibble 5, and frankly that’s as high an ISO as I’d want to convert in Bibble at the moment…

Black Headed Gull, Marden

Cackling Goose, Marden

Fighting Coots, Marden

Fighting Coots, Marden

Eider Drake, Blyth

Eider Drake, Blyth

Eider Duck, Blyth

As an aside, the Eiders above don’t show it, but I’ve found a new spot on the Blyth where I can get down to eye level with these guys. If I pick my times right, the light should be good too. I’m chuffed about this…

Golden Plover, Whitley Bay

Lapwing, Whitley Bay

Meadow Pipit, Whitley Bay

Mute Swan, Marden

Wren, Blyth

What do you think?

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