Another day, another Stonechat...

Posted on 28 March 2019, 17:53

Mark M and I decided to have a quick look up the coast – Short Eared Owls having been reported at Widdrington Moor Lake lately.

Not today – presumably because of the gusty wind – and there wasn’t much else about apart from this lazy (or smart, depending on your turn of mind) Kestrel, using a sapling protector as a perch from which to watch for lunch:

Kestrel, Widdrington Moor Lake

So we had a look over to Druridge Bay Country Park – taking care to avoid the prolific dog turdery everywhere (seriously – what is wrong with these fucking people?) – and checked out the little feeding station.

Plenty about, but all I’m really happy with is a few images of this Tree sparrow – but I like Tree spuggies, so that’s not a problem…

Tree sparrow, Druridge

This Blue tit is OK, too:

Blue tit, Druridge

Nothing else caught my attention (although I did spend a while trying to track down the Chiffchaffs that were calling everywhere – Mark did better than I did) so we decided to call it a (short) day and wander back down the coast to where East Chevington, where we’d parked.

Again, very little about – until we were almost at the car, when a familiar “chack-chack-chack” call got my attention:

Stonechat, E. Chevington

Stonechat, E. Chevington

Stonechat, E. Chevington

He was very obliging – I got umpteen pictures of him (and these are uncropped); and his girlfriend, a few yards further on, was just as happy to be caught on camera:

Stonechat, E. Chevington

Stonechat, E. Chevington

Back to my 7D Mk II and 500mm f/4 Mk II + 1.4x, today – I missed the reach. Full Exif in all images.

I’m reminded again of just what a fine camera the 7D Mk II is – in IQ terms it gives up surprisingly little compared to my 1D X; and I find that its Evaluative metering is actually better and more predictable than that of the “pro” camera.

And (despite what at least one “expert” on Canon Rumours has to say about it, while posting up images from his 5D Mk IV or 5DS R that honestly wouldn’t get past my initial cull) it’s capable of ridiculously sharp and detailed images, which fact I think these examples amply attest to…

What do you think?

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