I'm retired now...

Posted on 5 May 2019, 18:03

Early retirement, at the age of 58 – while I’ve still got plenty of tread on my tires, so to speak – but it hasn’t made finding birds to photograph any easier.

It has taken the pressure off though: there’s always tomorrow, and now that my time’s my own, that’s literally true, any day of the week..!

But I’ve had a few bits and bobs locally – all from my local patch – starting with the Goldfinch I photographed on 5 April, my first day of freedom:

Goldfinch, Gloucester Lodge Farm, Blyth

Robin, Blyth golf course

Reed bunting, Blyth golf course

Robin, Low Horton Farm, Blyth

Song thrush, Low Horton Farm, Blyth

Tree sparrow, Low Horton Farm, Blyth

Stoat in flight, Low Horton Farm, Blyth

Pied wagtail, Gloucester Lodge Farm, Blyth

Pied wagtail, Gloucester Lodge Farm, Blyth

Linnet male, Lysdon Farm, Blyth – sometimes just one shot can be enough…

Skylark, Lysdon Farm, Blyth

Not much more to add, really – except that I intend to up my work rate considerably now I can get out whenever the mood takes.

I like this retirement lark!

(See what I did there?)

All with the Canon 1D X and 500mm f/4 Mk II + 1.4x. Full Exif in all images.

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