My name is Keith and I am a waderholic..!

Posted on 31 January 2011, 18:42

On the basis that I haven’t done St Mary’s in a long while (it’s hard to bring myself to visit the place these days given the likelihood that my day will be ruined by some tool or other letting his dog run riot and scare every bird for miles) I thought I’d bite the bullet: I’ve sometimes been lucky when I’ve visited during the week, and had the place more or less to myself – I hoped that I might be lucky again today.

I was!

For a change the beach was clean and flat: I’ve been there sometimes when the piles of kelp dumped onto the beach after a big tide or a storm have been taller than me, which is very interesting and all, but not exactly photogenic.

And the final part of the puzzle – beautiful Winter sunshine.

I was only there for a couple of hours, but in that time the local Sanderling and Turnstones decided to be very co-operative and confiding, and I “made some images” that I’m very happy with – including what I think is my favourite Turnstone image so far…

Turnstone, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Sanderling, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Turnstone, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Sanderling, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Sanderling, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Turnstone, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

Sanderling, St Mary’s Whitley Bay

What do you think?

  1. Malcolm wrote on 3 February, 07:56 PM:

    Hi, Keith.

    As ever, stunning images. I especially like the one of the sanderling and the two stones. Can’t explain why. It just has something for me.


  2. Keith Reeder wrote on 6 February, 04:50 PM:

    Thanks for the kind comments, Malcolm – they’re much appreciated.

    I like that Sanderling too (naturally enough). I’ve taken a few images like this in my time – a wader, a clean, smooth beach, a pebble here and there – and while I can’t really explain it either, they do just seem to work.

  3. Gary Tuck wrote on 1 March, 10:41 PM:

    Hi Keith
    I love your work and often visit your website for a look round, witch i found through uk bird photographers. I live in seaham co, durham but I’m going to be visiting the holy island area about every other weekend and was wondering if you knew of any good spots for bird photography around there, Thank you, keep up the good work.

  4. Kah Wai Lin wrote on 4 March, 07:11 AM:

    Very nice blog and pictures! I will keep my eye on it from time to time.

    Check out my new birding blog:

  5. Nate wrote on 21 March, 04:49 PM:

    Hi Kieth!

    I am a waderholic too! :)

    Love the low angle on these! Excellent work here!

  6. James Masur wrote on 4 August, 10:03 PM:

    Hi Keith, I am following these pics from birdforum and they are spectacular. I also have a 7d with a 400 5.6. My question is how is your camera set up. I am sure having sunlight was really helpful. I am always trying to tweek my camera to get the kind of sharp photos like you have. Thanks Jim

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