Posted on 12 November 2016, 17:39

The north east of England is currently enjoying an irruption of Waxwings: we usually get a few, but today I had 120+ in front of (and usually far, far above) me.

They’ve been hanging out at Blyth Community Hospital: as I had some messages to do today that took me very close to the hospital, and as the light was gorgeous, I figured it’d be rude not to have a look in.

They weren’t particularly accommodating: I’m not surprised – at one point I saw a Carrion crow catch and eat one! – but I got a few images I think tick the boxes.

So here they are:

Waxwing, Blyth

Waxwing, Blyth

Waxwing, Blyth

Not easy, as I say. But I’m almost as happy shooting Blackbirds:

Blackbird, Blyth

Blackbird, Blyth

Blackbird, Blyth

Maybe another look down tomorrow, I think..!

(All with the 7D Mk II, 100-400mm Mk II and Sigma 1.4x converter).

What do you think?

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