Yellow browed warblers everywhere!

Posted on 30 September 2017, 18:41

Except where I was today…

This is the time of year for “falls” of migrants along the UK’s east coast, and it has been snowing Yellow browed warblers – tiny little scraps all the way from Siberia – and although Northumberland has been getting them in good numbers this week, there were none around on my local patch today.

But that’s OK. I often come across a pair of Stonechats when I’m about, and sure enough, they (unlike the light!) didn’t let me down.

Now, there’s nothing particularly notable about these, except that they’re handheld at 1000mm (7D Mk II, Canon 500mm f/4 Mk II, and Canon Mk III 2x teleconverter) and they’re plenty sharp – so I offer them up purely as further evidence of the capability of this lens/TC combo, used properly.

Stonechat, Blyth

Stonechat, Blyth

Stonechat, Blyth

Stonechat, Blyth

As I say, nothing special really, but it’s a source of great satisfaction to know that I can get out to 1000mm and get consistently sharp images (my keeper rate at 1000mm is high) without the faff and limitations of a tripod – and I also enjoy showing this stuff to “experts” who say it can’t be done..!

What do you think?

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