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Photographs and more - by Keith Reeder

F-35, Ullswater

F-35 (definitely not a Red squirrel), Ullswater
For many years, the original version of this site ran on the excellent TextPattern: but a recent advisory from my hosting company telling me that I needed to update my PHP version meant I needed to update the site software too.

Long story short - it all exploded in a ball of flames, and so many files need to be tracked down and hacked that I've accepted the inevitable. 

The old site - and all the work it contained - is lost to history...


But it'd become little more than a blog anyway, if I'm honest - so this is an ideal opportunity to refresh things and embrace that approach. 

TextPattern is waaaay too complex and feature-reach for "just" a blog, so I'm using Typesetter for this site: flat file, no database, and really nice to use (I use it already in my not photography blog) so it's an easy choice.

So we've got a blog and - finally - a portfolio/gallery.  Although things are quiet as of this edit (13/2/21) I'm full of hope that once the Covid madness is finally under control, I'll be able to make up for lost time and get some new trips, images and stories under my belt.