Welcome to my new photography site

Red squirrel, Ingram

The original version of the site ran on the excellent TextPattern for many years, but a recent advisory from my hosting company telling me that I needed to update my PHP version meant I needed to update the site software too.

Long story short - it exploded in a ball of flames, and so many files need to be tracked down and amended that I've accepted the inevitable. 

The old site - and all the work it contained - is lost to history...


But it'd become little more than a blog anyway, if I'm honest - so this is an ideal opportunity to refresh things and embrace that approach. 

TextPattern is waaaay too complex and feature-reach for just a blog, so I'm using Typesetter for this site: flat file, no database, and really nice to use (I use it already in my not photography blog) so it's an easy choice.

We'll end up here with  a blog and a portfolio/gallery: that way I can re-present the best of what I've posted before, and continue reporting on trips out and whatnot, as and when they happen.


Keith Reeder