About me

Keith Reeder, based in Northumberland, 59 years old at the time of writing (early April 2020), retired early while I still have plenty of tread on my tires.

And I take photographs. 

But only of stuff that moves, stuff that you actually need some photographic ability to image.

In other words: no "portrait", no "street", no "documentary" - all genres I sincerely believe are only pursued by people without the talent to shoot sport and wildlife.



I'm an unabashed Canon user: I keep reading all these "experts" on the internet telling me that this brand or that manufacturer is "better" - but I never see any pictures that I could never have achieved with my supposedly inferior choice of cameras and lenses.

Currently I use a 1D-x, usually attached to a 500mm f/4 Mk II and converter(s); I also have at my disposal a 7D Mk II, a 100-400mm Mk II,  and a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8, all of which are used in whatever combination does the job.

I strongly advocate Photo Ninja as my Raw converter of choice; but the company that produces it, Picturecode, has been very quiet for over a year now.  

This being the case, my "back-up plan" is Capture One 20 - a very capable processor of Raw files, with many bells and whistles absent from Photo Ninja.

As to post-processing ("PP") - this might surprise you - I use the ridiculously capable and not at all well-appreciated ACDSee Picture Editor 11. This, along with the occasional use of  Topaz Lab's Detail 3 plug-in, are all I need to get excellent results from my files.