It's all about the prop blur

These aren't my best, but at least it's photography... | 31/10/2021
My buddie Mark and I were at the Eshott Airfield Fish & Chipmunk Day yesterday (30 October) - a get-together intended to mark the almost airworthiness of their newly-restored Chipmunk trainer. The idea was that planes from around the UK - ... Read More
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Yes, I still take pictures

It's been a slow year... | 20/4/2021
Contrary to appearances, I'm as enthusiastic about my photography as ever, but - what with Covid (which has prevented my photography Other Half Mark and I from travelling - or even associating) and fishing (which I've been doing with my pal ... Read More
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Hope springs eternal

Time to get out with the camera again? | 12/2/2021
Although I grudgingly accept that wildlife photography isn't considered "exercise" under the current lockdown rules (even though, as I can attest from personal experience, it involves a great deal more physical effort than does ... Read More